Dr Deaf Spring Writing Retreat


Date: 26th – 31th May 2024

Are you a deaf researcher working on a writing project? Could you benefit from a retreat where you can write alongside other deaf academics, participate in a writing group, and exchange tips and strategies on writing?

This Writing Retreat is a deaf-centered space for you to work on your writing project alongside other deaf academics.  There will be one optional workshop or lecture each day, as well as social time and wellness activities as part of the retreat.

The Writing Retreat is aimed at deaf academics working on writing projects.  This group includes working deaf academics, deaf Phd students, independent scholars  and deaf students working on Master’s theses.  If you are not part of this group of deaf academics and scholars, this is not the right event for you.

This retreat is not suitable for Bachelor’s students since it does not involve 1:1 consultation on writing projects.

Bonus: (almost) midnight sun in the Nordic spring!


Practical information
The workshop takes place from 26 May to 31 May.
The 17.38 train in Ål (from Oslo) will be met with a free bus up to the Workshop Center
Departures on 31 May will have a free bus to coincide with the train to Oslo that leaves Ål at around 11.30.


There are a limited number of spaces and registration closes on 30 March 2024.  Payment must be made to secure a space.


Your registration will be confirmed by 4 April 2024.

Registration link: https://forms.office.com/e/gkMmRU68TG


The workshop costs 3,750 Norwegian kroner. The price includes all retreat activities, accommodation in shared apartments/cabins, and meals during the duration of the workshop.

Registration and payment for the workshop must be made before attendance can be confirmed.

Payment to be paid via PayPal at this link: paypal.me/alfhspaypal

It’s also possible to pay via bank transfer at: IBAN: NO48 28015224411 BIC/SWIFT: SPSONO22

When paying via bank transfer, you must give your name and the date of the workshop, so we can confirm payment.

Registration should be paid as soon as possible in order to secure your registration.
For questions regarding payment and registration, please contact:  workshops@al.fhs.no


The campus has a gym, exercise room, and sauna, as well as the now-famous Gamle Stua.  Participants are welcome to utilize these activities during evening and break times.  There may be icebreaker activities in the gym in the evenings so please bring appropriate clothing if you’d like to participate! The workshop is located on a rural Norwegian mountain with ample walking opportunities in the local forest.


The program for both workshops will be distributed to participants one month before the date.  In general, the workshops run from 08.30-18.00 daily from Monday to Thursday (including meal breaks),with a brief morning session from 8.30-10.30 on Friday.  You should prepare to arrive in Ål on Sunday evening 26 May and depart in the morning train from Ål on 31 May.  See «Transport» for more information




It is recommended you take the train arriving in Ål by 17.38   A free bus will be available with this train to bring you to the Ål workshop center.

Full day programFull day programFull day programFull day program

Program from 8.30-10.30

Departure to train station for 11.30 train to Oslo


The most effective transport to Ål from the airport is via train or bus. Check out all public transport options at vy.no and brakar.no

Look for options between Oslo S (the Central Train Station) and Ål.  You can also search for Oslo S and Gol, with  change of bus in Gol to get into Ål.   Remmeber to build in time between the airport and Oslo S. (express train: flytoget.no or regular train at vy.no)

A free bus will bring participants from Ål station to the Ål folkehøyskole on Sunday evening in relation to the 19.45  train arrival and on Friday morning for the 11.35 train to Oslo.

It is recommended that you keep at least 3 hours between your train or bus arrival in Oslo and your flight departure from Oslo Airport. Flying out the day after your arrival in Oslo is also a good option.


Room information.
Participants are given rooms in shared apartments or cabins. We endeavor to place participants with their preferred roomates.  Each person will receive bed linens and a towel, and there is a washing machine available in the basement of House 42 (C building).  Upon departure, you are to wash and dry all dishes, remove your bed linens and towel and place them outside the door, and throw away all trash.


DeafBlind participants at Dr Deaf workshops are welcome to bring their own interpreters.  Interpreters who stay at the folkehøyskole and eat meals there as part of their job are normally charged a fee for room and board.  This fee will be invoiced and can be used for reimbursement from your national interpreting agency.  DeafBlind participants must register their interpreters need for room and board at the same time they register themselves for the workshop.  Accomodation for interpreters is not guaranteed if interpreters are not registered the same time the participant registers. 


Other information
The workshop is located on a rural Norwegian mountain.  Prepare outerwear accordingly.

Please note the Workshop Center does not allow the use of outdoor shoes in the main building with the classrooms and dining area. Shoe covers are provided but we strongly recommend bringing a pair of comfortable indoor shoes/sandals to change into.

The workshop center is located 6km up the mountain from the main village and shops.  It is recommended that you bring your own beverages for evening socialization with you from your country, or purchase at the airport.

More practical information will be given to participants upon arrival.